About Us

We are a fast growing electronic business who were discovered in early 2018. After years of selling in the online platforms we discovered that customers are in need of everyday electronics hence why we started this business. We have faced obstacles along way as we tried growing our market. We are growing day by day as more customers come to us to buy their products. We offer brand new and affordable products.

Who are we at Star Technology?

Star Technology is a fast-growing electronic business which was originally launched at the beginning of 2018. We started this business after years selling on online platforms, learning through the process that what customers actually need and want is everyday electronics. And so, Star Technology was born!

Along the way, we have encountered many an obstacle as our business has developed. However, we are growing each and every day as more and more customers make us their number one choice for their everyday electronics products. And there’s no wonder they keep coming back thanks to us offering brand new yet extremely affordable products.

Our New Mobile Accessories Shop

We are thrilled to launch our new shop based in East London specializing in mobile accessories. This means our customers are able to order anything mobile-related. They can always choose products that are suitable and affordable for them. From mobile phone cases and screen protectors to cables, adapters, chargers, audio products, and in-car solutions – Star Technology really has it all. Go and have a look at our extensive range of products. You will be able to access hundreds of mobile phone accessories with easy filtering to find exactly what it is you are looking for.

Our Vision

Star Technology vision is of serving our clients with reliable, quality-assured and affordable products. Our UK (London)-based company is meeting the toughest challenges in ensuring that every customer need is met, both now and in the future.

Our Mission

Star Technology’s passion is delivering the very best in mobile products to existing and new customers with a strong focus in becoming the most successful mobile accessories company in the UK by 2025. We work towards our goal by regularly merging both professional modern technologies with innovations in marketing and manufacture. We strive constantly for development with the backing of a full-time team of trained experts, striving night and day to provide the solutions that our customers want. We are people-oriented and creative too, taking care of our employees’ happiness as well as that of our customers. This is why our employees have access to opportunities for growth as well as rewards for completing challenges. We are a positive and forward-thinking organization which is always looking toward the betterment of technology and practice.

Rohul Amin CEO/Founder

Mohammed Choudhury CSM

Vishal Paul Marketing Manager

Imran Akhtar Sales Assistant